Shoot me an email, lets create something beautiful!

I'm a full time Wedding / Elopement photographer based in the hills of Waitakere, New Zealand. 

I fell in love with photographing love stories when i met the woman of my dreams. I've always expressed emotion and art through images, but when i married my wife i wanted to dig deeper, there's something so powerful about how two people find each other in this world. Out of every human on planet earth, you found each other, that's freakin' beautiful!

If i'm not behind the camera, you'll find me with my tribe on some adventure. Rain or shine, we love exploring new places. We're always travelling too so let me know where you are and well make it happen! 

When you work with me, it's going to be fun! Im all about capturing who you are as a couple. I wanna see the raw, intimate moments that happen when the cameras not around. I want photos to be more than just photos to you!

I don't do the typical, posed, “perfect looking” shots either. For real, those suck! I want you to be as comfortable as possible. I wanna create with you guys and find out exactly what your love is about, rather than just some staged-awkward-pictures of you guys standing in front of a camera. i wanna see what love means to you! It has to be real for me, you know like messy hair when the wind blows, goofy laughs, booty grabs, the loud, the quiet, the dirty jokes and everything in-between. i’m not here to create for you, I wanna create with you!

Let's venture somewhere epic! If you want an elopement on top of a mountain, at the bottom of a waterfall, or deep in the woods, I'M THE GUY YOU NEED! 

We'll have fun, jump a few fences, get messy hair, chase a sunset! Let's make this adventure epic!